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Medical malpractice

Medical Negligence Compensation

Introduction to Medical Negligence Compensation

When it comes to medical negligence compensation it can be said that it is a grey area. The main reason for this being an area of much discussion is the fact that patients are definitely entitled to some financial compensation due to medical negligence, but putting a number next to it has often proven to be very tricky. Owing to this fact, many patients have absolutely no idea how much money can be involved in the medical negligence claim until they talk to an expert. There are many different factors that affect the amount of the compensation, and some of these factors are extremely hard to evaluate.

Most Common Factors that Determine Medical Negligence Compensation

As it has already been mentioned, there are numerous different factors that are involved in the medical negligence compensation. Some of these factors are straightforward, but some of them are much harder to put a price on. Therefore, there is often the need for an economic expert with experience in this field to be involved. The economic expert is there to determine the height of the medical negligence compensation patients are entitled to and should ask for.

Here is a list of some of the most important factors that determine the amount of the medical negligence compensation:
  • The most important factor is the amount of money patients were, are and will be forced to spend on medical treatments that deal with the consequences of medical negligence. The compensation here includes all of the costs of the treatments combined- past, present and future treatments.
  • Another important factor is the lost income. Namely, if the mistake that the doctor has made has any effect on the patient's ability to work, the patient is entitled to get compensation due to the lost income. This compensation is also related to past, present and future income, much like the previous factor.
  • "Out of pocket" money spent for things and items that a patient needs because of the doctor's mistake are also included in the compensation. These expenses may cover the money patients needed to spend on altering their homes, buying wheelchairs and similar things.
  • Disabilities are also an important factor in determining the height of medical negligence compensation. Disabilities may be permanent or temporary and total or partial. According to the type of disability, an economic expert will determine the height of compensation.
  • "Pain and suffering" is a factor which is very tricky to calculate into the compensation. The reason for this is the fact that this factor refers to the patient's ability to lead a normal life, meaning the life he or she has led before the doctor's mistake.

Conclusion to Medical Negligence Compensation

After being familiar with all the factors, it is easy to conclude that determining the amount of money any patient is entitled to is a very difficult task. Besides the basic maths, the experts also have to pay attention to the fact that not everything is always straightforward and that the factor of "pain and suffering" has to be included in the final compensation.

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