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Medical malpractice

Medical Negligence UK

Introduction to Medical Negligence UK

Many people every year in the UK are harmed or injured while receiving medical treatment. In some cases the reason why they have been harmed or injured is due to the medical negligence of the medical professional or medical facticity that was providing medical care to the patient. When the patient is able to prove that their harm or injury was a direct result of negligence, they can file a medical negligence UK law suit to help them recover any financial loss that they experienced as a result of the negligence.

Going to Court

What constitutes as medical negligence is very vague in the medical negligence UK laws and it is recommended that you hire a solicitor to help you establish your case for court. Most solicitors offer a free, no obligation initial meeting where the solicitor can look over your case and advise you if it falls under the medical negligence UK laws or not. If it has been determined that you have a case, your medical negligence UK solicitor will help you gather the appropriate evidence to prove your case in court.

You must be able to prove three important facts in order to win your claim in court. You must first prove that the doctor or facility had a duty to provide you with medical care. In most cases, this fact is easy to prove in court because you were most likely under the doctor's care or had been admitted to the medial facility. You must also need to prove under medical negligence UK law that your doctor or medical facility provided you with inadequate care that was out of the scope of normal care that should have been given. You do not need to prove that the negligence was intentional and in most cases the negligence is found to be accidental.

You will also need to prove that the harm or injury that you received was caused by the medical negligence and for no other reason. You must provide medical proof that their negligence caused the harm or injury. All three of these facts must be proven in court if you hope to win your claim against the doctor or hospital. The defendant will have big solicitors to represent them in court and it is important that you also have a solicitor to represent you in court.

Finding a Medical Negligence Solicitor in the UK

Many medical negligence UK solicitors will offer a no win, no fee agreement to the clients, especially if they are confident that they will win. An agreement like this is very good for the claimant because it does not require them to pay any upfront fees to their solicitor. This allows people who otherwise could not afford to hire a solicitor to represent them in court. The first step is to set up a meeting with a solicitor, who will review your case and advise you on what your next steps should be. Your solicitor will help you gather the evidence that you need to prove your case in court.

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