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Medical malpractice

Birth Injury Claim

Fortunately, most births proceed with little or no problems and both the baby and mother can safely go through the entire process before heading back home. However, as with every other medical procedure, complications could still arise. What complications are these and when can a birth injury claim be filed? It would be best to take a look at highly common problems to divide them in relation to mothers and babies.

Common medical complications that could occur with mothers usually include caesarean sections, episiotomy problems, infections and vaginal tears.

Caesarean sections could lead to different medical problems, such as infections, while delayed caesarean sections could end in serious illnesses in the baby or the mother.

Episiotomy refers to deliberate and planned cuts created by medical teams during labour when it is believed that natural tears might happen if a planned cut isn't made. Such natural tears could lead to various problems in the long term. However, badly performed episiotomy could also lead to ongoing pain or even incontinence when it reaches all the way to the anus.

Claims of medical negligence could result from an episiotomy if it is done without necessity or if cuts are bigger than originally required.

Vaginal tears, on the other hand, are unplanned and their extent could determine how severe the sustained injury is. Vaginal tears could range from the first to the fourth degree. More severe vaginal tear degrees are more likely to end in complications in the long term.

Vaginal tears could lead to medical negligence when medical staff fails to pinpoint how serious the nature of the vaginal tear is, or do recognise it but do not stitch it up properly. A common birth injury claim can be bought for the baby, if it includes nerve damage to the brachial plexus, claims of cerebral palsy, infant death and umbilical cord problems.

Brachial plexus refers to a nerve network that can be found on the neck of the baby. During birth, this network could get damaged through excessive pulling by vacuum or forceps extraction and could lead to nerve complications in the long run.

Cerebral palsy occurs in babies if they get deprived of oxygen and can be caused from babies spending far too long inside the mother's birth canal or if the umbilical cord ends up wrapping itself all around the baby.

Failing to treat or diagnose jaundice or delaying in diagnosing it or treating other serious injuries could also end in cerebral palsy in babies.

If the baby or mother might have gone through these conditions after or during birth, it would be essential to look for legal advice early on. Find solicitors that provide first opinions on a birth injury claim for free. If this claim is made for the baby, it could qualify for legal help immediately. If this claim is made for the mother, a lot of solicitors now provide agreements where fees are not charged until the case in won, allowing mother to pursue compensation claims without having to worry about huge legal fee expenses.

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