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Medical malpractice

Medical Negligence

Here are several of the most frequently experienced cases of medical negligence today:

Claims of Birth Injuries

Unfortunately, claims of birth injuries are among the most common claims of medical negligence in today's day and age. As parents look forward to a new baby's arrival, they also have to be very careful. The possible problems and complications that are commonly associated to claims of birth injuries include baby injuries like infant death, cerebral palsy or brachial plexus injuries and mother injuries like episiotomy problems and vaginal tears.

With every complication of birth injuries, it would be of the utmost essence to raise any treatment concerns during the birth, so instant action can actually be taken to help the mother or the baby, as needed.

Diagnosis Failures

Diagnosis failures related to serious medical problems like cancer would be another common case in medical negligence. Diagnosis failures or diagnosis delays could cause possibly deadly consequences since treatments that may have completely cured or at least delayed any onset of such conditions might no longer succeed. This could then lead to more suffering and pain for the victim that could then lead to claims for compensation.

Such kinds of cases could be incredibly stressful for victims, especially if they have complained about symptoms for quite some time already and the surgeon or doctor simply was not fast enough to properly diagnose the sickness.

Untreated Fractures

One other common case of medical negligence would involve the hospital or doctor's failure to properly diagnose fractures or even just diagnose fractures, in general. This could lead to patients suffering from more damages in certain bones. Plus, if they fail to diagnose fractures that are related to the back or the neck, the consequences could be devastating.

Second opinions could usually fix the situation if patients continue to complain about severe pain and the fracture remains untreated and undiagnosed.


This is probably the most distressing case of medical negligence out there. If wrong amputations occur, such as hospitals taking off the wrong arm or leg, or limbs only getting amputated just to find out later on that there was no need for the removal after all, you can only imagine how dire the consequences would be.


In more recent years, tons of stories and news titbits have appeared related to superbugs in hospitals. Two common kinds of superbugs are known as C Diff and MRSA. A hospital's lack of overall cleanliness would be the primary reason that claims of medical negligence could be done against it. Brand new targets happen to exist to make hospital cleanliness even better and get rid of incidences where superbugs end up contaminating the hospital patients as they stay inside the hospital. This slowly reduces the amount of cases of medical negligence today.

A lot of different kinds of claims of medical negligence exist in today's day and age. However, those mentioned above are the most common ones today. One essential thing to take into consideration is that most people go to hospitals for treatment and get home safely without any problems or complications whatsoever. Try to breathe easy.

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