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Medical malpractice

Surgical Errors

Every year, tens of thousands of surgeries are done worldwide, most of which go exactly as planned, but some of which still go terribly wrong because of medical negligence, medical malpractice, mistakes and errors by the surgeons. Reports have shown that hundreds of thousands of people die every year because of medical errors and mistakes, which include surgical errors. In general, people who go through surgery do not usually anticipate problems when they go under the knife. As a matter of fact, patients always think that medical teams and surgeons performing these procedures are prudent, competent, and experienced enough to do surgery without ever committing any errors. Such errors and mistakes include errors that the hospital nursing staff, surgeon, or anaesthesiologist may commit. Such errors could even result in several injuries that are far beyond any potential outcome that one might anticipate. Surgical negligence could also result in unnecessary pain, bringing about surgery repetition, scarring, and even wrongful death.

Some common kinds of wrong surgery would include operations on the wrong body areas, removal of the wrong organs, amputation of the wrong limbs, surgery on wrong vertebral spine levels, surgery on wrong body sides, and surgery on wrong area levels. Wrong procedures of surgery would include removal of the wrong body parts, like tissue and organs and leaving surgical instruments inside the body, such as surgical towels, retractors, and sponges. This usually happens because of negligence by the surgeon or hospital staff.

Surgical errors could also come about from insufficient sanitation or the use of instruments that are dirty. Failing to follow correct procedures of sanitation could lead to infection spreads from one instrument or patient to another and can sometimes even result in injuries that are serious and life-threatening, as well as a prolonged and painful recovery time.

Complications within post-operative care would also be considered as surgical malpractice. Failing to offer the right post-operative care could cause a lot of pain and might require more surgery. Such malpractice could even leave patients with complications that are permanent like brain damage, nerve damage, paralysis, organ damage, comas, infections and blood clots. Sometimes, these errors could even prove to be deadly.

Common causes of these surgical errors would be bad pre-operative planning, post-operative injuries and errors during procedures. Despite all of their initial good intentions, training and skills, medical practitioners could and still do make mistakes. However, the overall medical profession requires that every medical practitioner be careful, attentive, and competent in service administration since people's lives are on the line. Errors simply result from failing to practice the care that is necessary. Victims of such malpractices could file lawsuits for compensation from pain and suffering that the errors may have caused. If the mistake ends in death, the victim's family can still file claims for wrongful death. Every location comes with a different law when it comes to this, though.

If you think you are one of these victims of medical malpractice because of any reason whatsoever, it would be highly recommended to look for legal advice as soon as possible.

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