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Medical malpractice

Medical Misdiagnosis

One highly essential yet sadly common problem in today's world of medicine is what is known as medical misdiagnosis. This happens whenever doctors do not diagnose or falsely diagnose the medical status of a patient. Even though this is mostly unintentional, a misdiagnosis which occurs due to the negligence of a doctor is seen as a medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice misdiagnosis victims have all of the rights to take legal action versus the party that was negligent to recover damages from medical costs related to a misdiagnosis, loss of wages and mental anguish.

In several cases, death may result due to certain kinds of malpractice. If this happens, the family of the victim would be eligible for compensation for the incurred damages. However, any case of misdiagnosis needs to be filed within certain periods of time. Legally, the deadline would vary from one place to the next, though they will always be enforced. Medical lawyers are completely aware of laws associated to such misdiagnosis, so if you believe you are a diagnosis error victim contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Statistics of Medical Malpractice Misdiagnosis

No matter what improvements have come about in modern medicine, it is still possible for physicians to misdiagnose patients and it actually still happens at significant rates nowadays. In fact, there have been no noticeable improvements regarding fewer mistakes in this field since the 1930s and twenty percent of each diagnosis that involved deadly illnesses recently was a medical misdiagnosis.

Diagnosis errors usually involve deadly conditions such as cervical, breast, lung and colon cancer; blood clots, heart attacks and strokes; severe infections like meningitis; and diabetes. More statistics even suggest that twelve percent of cancer cases, as well as up to forty percent of intensive care and emergency room cases involve some kind of misdiagnosis.

What to Do During Occurrences of Medical Malpractice Misdiagnosis

Diagnosis mistakes might happen when medical doctors misdiagnose benign tumours as malignant ones or vice versa; when medical patients do not get screened for conditions that they are at high risk of developing; when doctors do not carry out required testing or do not refer patients to specialists as needed; when lab tests are interpreted the wrong way; when lab specimens are not handled correctly; or when patients are not listened to.

Such situations could result in medical problems and disabilities within a patient, ranging from minor to severe to permanent. Instances have even come about where doctors have treated patients for conditions they did not even have. There are also some times when proper treatment is not offered or given to patients, even though they desperately need it. Sadly, such situations oftentimes end in death.

How to Get in Touch with Medical Attorneys for Malpractice Cases

Attorneys exist out there who have a lot of experience in dealing with complicated cases of medical misdiagnosis throughout the world. If you think you have such a case, talk to experienced attorneys for claim evaluations immediately. These attorneys can assess the case for free to find out if your lawsuit is eligible at best.

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