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Medical malpractice

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Have you ever wondered what a medical malpractice lawyer is, or indeed how such a lawyer could help you? Then this article will explain what such a lawyer does and how they are used in medical malpractice and negligence claims. This field of law is highly specialised and is becoming increasingly common due to more patients filing for malpractice claims within the UK. Because the laws surrounding medical malpractice change from country to country, it is imperative that you seek advice from a local expert to provide you with the correct advice should a legal case arise. First, we need to fully understand what medical malpractice is and how it could apply to you.

Medical malpractice is defined as a case whereby a medical practitioner, such as your doctor or dentist acts in a negligent way when they are treating your medical condition. These medical conditions could be small from a simple illness to more sever medical procedures such as surgery. The 'malpractice' can occur from an misinformed or incorrect action taken by the medical practitioner in question, or if they fail to take an appropriate medical action when required. Some examples of medical malpractice include:
  • Failure to diagnose, or a mis diagnosis of a disease or underlying medical condition.

  • An unreasonable delay in the treatment of a diagnosed medical condition that has affected your health or well-being.

  • The failure to provide an appropriate level of medical treatment for a medical condition that requires immediate or future treatment.
Should you suffer as a result of what you deem to be medical malpractice, then you may have a case. In this situation it is best to contact a medical malpractice lawyer who can help you put your claim forward to the courts in the correct legal manner.

How can you find a good medical malpractice lawyer in the UK?

There are many highly respected, professional medical malpractice lawyers, but how can you find a good one? By finding a lawyer that is highly specific to your illness or problem you can gain a better chance of winning your claim or indeed securing a larger compensation package should you win the case.

As some medical malpractice lawyers may specalise in cancer treatment cases, where others may specialise in mis diagnosis, you stand a better chance of success by finding a lawyer with expertise closest to your condition. This may not be an easy process, but an extra level of effort on your behalf will be worth it in the long run.

You could find out more about your medical malpractice lawyer by asking direct questions such as:
  • How much experience do you have with my condition?

  • How many cases that you have undertaken have gone to trial?

  • Do you have the financial resources to take my medical malpractice claim to trial, if necessary?
  • How do you keep yourself up to date with medical malpractice claims like my own?
Although these will not give you a definitive answer as to whether or not you should hire them, it can help you get a better picture of the expertise of the lawyer and whether they would be a good match to your circumstances.

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