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Medical malpractice

Medical Negligence Examples

Introduction to Medical Negligence Examples

There are many people who do not understand why there are so many medical negligence claims filed each year in the UK, and all over the world. The fact is that health care providers have a really difficult job to do, and sometimes they make mistakes. Even though many people fail to see this, it is important to understand that those health care providers who make mistakes are only human, and the mistakes they make are not always due to their incompetence. Naturally, patients who have suffered from a doctor's mistake cannot be expected to understand this, especially if they or their loved ones have been hurt badly and have suffered serious consequences.

Medical Negligence Examples

Although there are numerous different examples of medical negligence all around the world, the vast majority of them can be divided into four main groups. These four main groups are actually the four main reasons why medical negligence claims are filed:
  • Clinical and dental negligence these are the most common types of medical negligence or medical malpractice. Mistakes made in operating rooms, the wrong prescription of drugs, mistakes made by dentists and other similar occurrences all fall into this group. These mistakes can either have very serious or less serious consequences. Regardless of the severity of consequences, patients have the right to file a medical negligence claim and try to win financial compensation.
  • Pharmaceutical liability this is another form of medical negligence which is fairly common. A patient who has suffered serious consequences from using a drug prescribed by a doctor has the right to sue the pharmaceutical company which produces the drug. All drugs have some side effects, but if the side effects people experience are not normal and expected, the grounds for a medical negligence claim appear.
  • Work related accidents all accidents that happen during work hours that have medical consequences are to be compensated by the company in question. Although the law is very clear on this subject, some companies refuse to do as they are obliged to. In these cases, the employee has the legal right to sue the company for damages.
  • Personal injury personal injuries are related to injuries that occur to patients while their medical needs are being taken care of by a health care provider. Although these injuries are inflicted by patients themselves, the health care providers are held responsible. The reason for this is the fact that health care providers are responsible for every patient throughout the course of his or her treatment.

Conclusion to Medical Negligence Examples

Apart from the four mentioned groups above, there are numerous more different medical negligence examples. There are many different reasons why people have the right to file medical negligence claims, and not all of these claims are always successful. Namely, there are situations where patients only feel like they have been mistreated or neglected, although this is not true. In those cases, there are no legal grounds for filing a law suit.

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