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Medical malpractice

Medical Malpractice Solicitor

Have you been the victim of medical malpractice in the United Kingdom? Then you may be liable for compensation from your healthcare provider. For this it is advised that you seek the expertise of a medical malpractice solicitor, who can help you in such a circumstance. If you are wondering what medical malpractice is, be sure to read the rest of the article and you can then decide on whether or not you require a solicitor to help.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical practitioner, such as your doctor does not provide adequate medical care for you whilst you when in their care. Claims may be made for death or a serious disability or injury that arises from medical errors. You may also claim for less serious medical problems, for example you are left with heavy scarring from a simple surgical procedure or you lose your teeth after some minor dental work. You could also claim for other matters, (known as damages) such as loss of earnings or emotional distress caused by the procedure as a result of negligence.

How do you claim against medical malpractice?

A medical malpractice solicitor may be able to help you in a legal sense, which is why you should always do your research before attempting to take a negligence claim to court. This can include the following situations:
  • The medical practitioner has mis treated or misdiagnoses you when you sought their medical advice.

  • Your medical practitioner does not provide treatment or advice when you need it. This should be given in a 'reasonable' time frame from the date of seeking advice.
A medical practitioner can also be liable if the patient has not given informed consent for a treatment to be carried out. This could include for example surgery, which has a risk of paralysis, yet this risk is not conveyed fully to the patient. In the event of such paralysis occurring, the medical practitioner is liable for not fully informing the patient of this risk. As they did not have a fully informed choice before before being operated on, the patient may have a good case for suing.

Are there certain situations when a medical malpractice solicitor may not be able help me?

In some certain situations the high cost of bringing a medical malpractice claim to trial can outweigh the financial rewards of any payout from the medical practitioner. In this situation it may not be necessary to hire a medical malpractice solicitor unless you wished to pursue the case for moral reasons rather than financial reward. Either way, an experienced medical malpractice solicitor gives you best chance to put forward a strong case for compensation.

If you feel like you have been the victim of medical malpractice or negligence then you should consider hiring a medical malpractice solicitor to try and get your case to trial. This may result in monetary compensation from the medical practitioner who was responsible. You can find a number of reputable medical malpractice solicitors in the UK, who would be happy to look at your case details and advise the best way forward.

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